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About DSRT

DSRT – Dutch Sim Racing Team was created to participate in a Logitech E-Sports event.

This allowed (DSRT) Guru to participate and with a good result.

He came 11th in the world.

The gamer tags remained after the event, but setting up the team never happened.

In 2019 Guru joined forces with another Simrace enthusiast named GtMatt. And within a week, plans were made to not just turn DSRT into a great Sim Race Team. But also to build an international community.

The name DSRT has never changed, even if it says Dutch Sim racing.

The team and the community is for all of us, wherever you come from you are always welcome to join.

Sponsors and Partners

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


The strength of RJB-Solutions can be found in the ability to switch quickly and the diversity of solutions in design but also in implementation.

Website design, management and advice,

If you have a problem, RJB Solutions will make it there challenge!

Become a customer via DSRT, and you get a 10% discount on hosting per year


We are proud to announce that our entire team has been real-life and sim racing enthusiasts since a young age. We have been working together in our other company where we have build more than 300 pop-up go-kart tracks in the last eight years.

We have engineers, designers, steel- and alloy specialists in our team so it was time for a new adventure!

For many years we have been devising and building kart and simrace products that we use in our companies. For years we have wanted to do more with this because developing and producing is what we really like to do. Due to the covid crisis, most of our events for 2020 have been canceled. The Dutch GP where we would be part of for a month with our mobile go-kart track was also canceled.

This was the moment when we realized that things had to be done differently. Now was the time to continue with something that we have dreamed about for years. Develop new products and improve existing ones. Set up our own production and do business worldwide.

Do you want to become our sponsor or do you think DSRT would be a suitable partner?

Then feel free to contact us:


DSRT is committed to growing the team and the international community. But as you may already know, all things cost money.

Own game servers that we have running, the website, music used in videos are some examples of this.

That is the reason that we have now created a donation button. So if there are people who want to help us grow the team and the community, you are free to make a donation.

And DSRT is very grateful for it!

Leagues or Events we host:

Here you can find our current leagues and events wher you can participate!

Race into the weekend

Every week we host a race into the weekend in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Trick or Treat

On Halloween 29-10-2022 we hosted a charity event.

The Trick or Treat 24 hours.

Hosted by GRG And DSRT.

We Don’t Need No ABS

iRacing Nederland &
Dutch Sim Racing Team present

Saturday November 19th 2022 18:30CET

110min Free Practice
8min Lone Quali (2 Laps)
180min Race
15 Porsche Cups
20 GTEs
15 LMP2s

Let’s get Radical SR8

With the Radical SR8 this league is aimed at all drivers within iRacing. Next to that all the used content will be free! Feature race will also contain Top 12 reverse grid!